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Building Future Technology. Today.

FTL Technology Systems (FTL) is a global provider of hybrid marketplace platforms that power the engagement ecosystem of leading brands across the world. Backed by the trust of millions of customers who securely transact on our proprietary platforms every day, FTL has carved a unique niche by empowering its clients with cutting edge technology.

With the vision of enabling faster digital adoption along with financial inclusivity for all, FTL empowers its clients through a versatile range of products for rapid growth and scaling up.

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FTL Use Case - Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Lifecycle Management is an indicator for business performance when analyzed over a period of time by measuring multiple customer metrics.

FTL helps its clients in their CLM journey by providing a robust platform.

FTL Use Case - Loyalty Management

Loyalty management is not only about tapping into the key drivers of customer loyalty but also about planning and executing activities to better serve the customers better.

FTL’s loyalty management platform has key features such as AI, dynamic catalogue etc.

FTL Use Case - Employee Engagement & Rewards

Reward and recognition for employee engagement is the best way to provide positive feedback while promoting development and growth.

FTL provides an innovative platform for redemption of employee reward points.

Leverage our expertise to build a robust, scalable and fully customisable solution for your technology requirement.

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