We have some limited beanbags up for grabs- vacant and some newly bought ;)*

*TT racquets and game controllers also are kind of standard issue. We are building the next gen lending system with e-commerce and financial institutions through our digital lending layer which provides live access to credit and the best of value propositions for the end customers. We have a vision of organising the scattered retail lending programs by bringing together the market, loan offerings and customers in a single space and making it into a single journey. Road ahead is tough and demands perseverance from our side and a change in perspective from organisations and partners that we deal with. We take aggressive steps one at a time and have already covered significant miles in this journey using technology, data science and doing drastic changes to the discount-driven acquisition models. The fuel for us in this journey has been our persistence in getting mind share from our partners and the right use of technology.

We are a bunch of passionate team motivated to solve the real world issue of obtaining credit for online purchases which currently is limited to less than 5% of banking population or is severely restricted by fragmented and high-interest programs. Our team consists of alumni from IIM, BITS, SMS and is founded by people who have more than 80 years of collective experience in retail finance and financial technologies and this has helped us to work with best financial institutions in the country (link to clients here)

Want to join the journey into the heart of data analytics and the world of algorithms? Most of it is proprietary too! Or are you the next closer targeting million $ deals?

Either ways click below and get started. We haven’t raised much and correspondingly we aren’t diluted also. So we encourage our team to own accountability and the pie. As @naval very clearly stated – You don’t get rich by renting out your time

Position: Technical Lead – Solr/ Elastic Search

Description: Design and develop new systems, algorithms, and processes to create a world-class search platform pushing the boundaries of existing frameworks. We are looking for individuals with the ability to work independently to solve large problems, identify new opportunities and generate new ideas.

Qualification: Graduation/ Masters in engineering preferred but attitude and capability is what matters more.

Requirement: 5- 8 Years of relevant experience of which 2 years should be in handling websites with high traffic.

Key Skills:

  • Expertise in search engine implementation using Solr and Solr configuration like stop words, weights, aliases etc
  • Expertise in group search, grouped count search, filter search etc
  • Expertise in DB indexing, clean up and delta import
  • Experience in Linux environments
  • Java language expertise would be a plus

Position: Engineer, android Development

Description: We are looking for a would be Android Ninja who is passionate in pushing mobile technologies to the limits. Will work with our team of talented engineers to design and build the next generation of mobile applications aimed at large corporates. Android programming works closely with other app development and technical teams.

Qualification: Graduation/ Masters in engineering preferred but attitude and capability is what matters more.

Requirement: 1-2 years of relevant experience with

Key Skills:

  • Proven software development experience and Android skills development
  • Proven working experience in Android app development and
  • Have published at least one original Android app
  • Experience with Android SDK
  • JExperience working with remote data via REST and JSON

Position: Lead Engineer

Qualification: Graduation/ Masters in engineering. Again we stress on the attitude and capability

Requirement: 3- 5 Years of experience in the following areas.

Key Skills:

  • PHP
  • Expertise in MVC framework Zend / CakePHP / CodeIgniter
  • Javascript, JSON
  • Jquery, Boostrap
  • Java language expertise would be a plus

Position: Content Writer

Requirement: A creative individual with a tech bend of mind. Should have the ability to create original, witty and easy to understand content spanning the whole spectrum of ideas including the below

Key Skills:

  • Product reviews ( predominantly tech related )
  • Marketing technologies
  • How to guides
  • White papers
  • Product blogs
  • Create short promotional write-ups for online campaigns in the form of snippets, business profiles, infographic, newsletters etc