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FTL Product - Platform As A Service

PAAS – Platform As A Service

FTL’s Platform As A Service provides a comprehensive marketplace to enterprises who already have a marketplace of their own or an existing e-commerce tie-up. This helps drive the following benefits:

  • Admin Panel for making:
    • Product catalogues
    • Banners
    • Offers
  • Notification Manager for:
    • Managing customer journey
    • Promotions
FTL Product - Market Place As A Service

MAAS – Marketplace As A Service

FTL’s Marketplace As A Service offering is for those enterprises that already have an existing platform and want to expand through an integrated marketplace. We enable a robust marketplace for enterprises through our APIs linked to the existing platform of the enterprise.

Unique features of FTL’s marketplace for enterrprises:

  • Comprehensive curated product catalogue
  • Product recommendation option
  • Faster search
  • Compare and Buy feature for comparing products across multiple e-commerce platforms
FTL Product -Hybrid Marketplace Platform

HMP – Hybrid Marketplace Platform

Our best selling and most innovative product so far, the Hybrid Marketplace Platform is an adaptive, robust, flexible, scalable and fully customisable offering that is available both as a fully managed service as well as a partially managed service. Both the models are convenient, easily deployable and thanks to our cloud-based hosting, our hybrid platform can be configured quickly to provide a complete marketplace where customers can search, select and buy products.

Clients using our Hybrid Marketplace Platform have fully integrated their internal employee rewards and customer benefits programs to our platform thereby enhancing the width of products to choose from along with best in class discounts.

Key features of a Hybrid Marketplace Platform:

  • Aggregation of multiple catalogues into one single platform
  • While labelling in line with an organization’s requirement
  • Option of integrating fintech services such as product loan, personal loan and EMI
  • Flexibility to add more products and services basis consumption or requirement
  • Option to make the portal a complete travel solution by integrating travel and hotel booking

The hybrid model provides flexibility like designing the workflow and process along with payments, integrated dashboard and detailed analytics to support the organization. The platform can integrate with any third-party tool too.

Core platform capabilities:

  • Search
    • Customizable auto suggest option
    • Hyper-personalization of search results and recommendations
  • Campaign
    • Machine Learning based campaigns
    • Product boosting
    • Option to create custom landing pages for multiple campaigns 
  • Personalisation
    • Input based personalisation
    • Option to create location-based consent and rules
  • Recommendation
    • Inbuilt widgets and templates for upselling and cross-selling to customers